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ASTRO 4 U 99



Annick Rousseau

A few words about Annick,


Events, family’s patterns, travels, curiosity and an old soul perspective of view give my life an incredible experience of learning and observing.

After studying and working in International Trade and customer service managing I developed skills in operating a B&B and agri-tourism farm for 14 years. I grew up with horses and a huge fan of then, but having a sheep farm brings me to discover donkeys!  And then a real passion for them started!!   Having around 20 donkeys gave me the opportunity to study them and learn so much.  

So I started to breed, train donkeys and worked with them on specific purposes : autism children, handicapped people.

And as a hobby soap maker I took courses and became a professional donkey soap maker, which I do now for 20 years.


During this period I also took the responsibilities of being a city counsellor for 2 mandates, president of agri-tourism association for Eastern Township and implicated in bicycling and walking trails development..  The main reason was to be implicated in the

community which is a very important value for me.

My other passion is astrology!!  


So I first became interested in Astrology in order to understand the mechanism of patterns.


 In 1998 I completed a 4 level years in advanced astrology course.  I continued to studying astrology by following training sessions in Canada and United States.


I do astrological readings on natal charts, solar return, relocation, career choice, business, relationship and pet charts and of course horse and donkey’s natal chart!


Because I am so passionate and curious and I really want to give people spiritual ‘’tools’’ to manage their life, I also get familiar with Feng Shui, Numerology, Tarot and Pendulum.


Natal charts reveal our strengths, talents and weaknesses. Aastrology is a fantastic tool !   


So if you are ready to discover YOUR INNER SKY let’s do a Reading of yours !

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