Fragrance Therapy Soaps- 60g, 90g, 100g or 120 g bars

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Sunrise - 120g
Draw out toxin, smooth irritation, reduce flatness and improve texture of the skin.
Saturn - 120g
Remove dead cells gently, reduce redness and inflammation, improve skin defence.
Very good for eczema & psoriasis.
Moonlight - 120g
Will relax your tired muscles, act as a toner on skin, heal burns and insect bites and detoxify skin.
Mars - 120g
Help varicose veins to reduce, will help to get rid of acne and boils, improve skin rasches.
Drops of Jupiter - 120g
Will prevent age spots, treats blackheads and light your skin.
Ceres - 120g
Oat helps to restore the skin barrier, reduce itching and regulate inflammation. This soap makes an excellent scrub for sensitive skin.
The honey is naturally antibacterial making it great for acne.
This soap is great for all year round and especially good to relieve sun burned skin.
Haumea - 120g
Will increase collagen content of the skin. Anti-inflammatory and relaxing.
Agena - 120g
Fresh blend of flowers.
Age of Aquarius - 120g
Will remove impurities and make skin healthier.
Good for psoriasis and acne skin condition.
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Remove fishy smell form your hand,
Antibacterial properties.
Rub it on your lures to attract fish.
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Special Essential blend for the face to fight against rosacea, will tone skin, have anti aging properties.
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Will pamper the most delicate skin & will slow aging. Provide radiant skin, reduce redness and stimulate skin regeneration.
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Prevent acne, exfoliate, whiten skin, speed up healing. Anti aging properties.
Coming Soon
Reduce skin inflammation, emollient, anti-aging properties.
Coming Soon
Will balance oily skin.
Treats acne, detoxify skin and smooth irritated skin.
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